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Aloha from Dr. Tom and Staff!

E komo mai (Welcome) new and returning patients to the cosmetic dental practice where “We Take The Time To Care” with “Aloha” spirit. 

Vision Statement

We take the time to listen, understand, and compassionately answer F.O.R.M. patient’s fear, possible pain, especially any questions and concerns to change their lives with a smile by providing high quality, long-term, affordable oral health committed to selfless, excellent, trustworthy, individually customized care, so our patients look, eat, speak, and smile better daily.  We avoid unnecessary, preventable, expensive, complex consequences of low quality, temporary patchwork or delayed treatment until pain or swelling because it violates our ethical training, 100 CEU annual education, and patient expectations.  We provide friendly financial arrangements that allows us to keep our fees affordable.  We maximize insurance, so you don’t need an attorney to get promised benefits, but insurance guarantees nothing, covers little, and make decisions based on their profit, not your health.

We are a dedicated team of well-educated, likeable professional artists who enjoy and take pride in providing customer service with a W.O.W. (Willingness of Wonderfulness). Our patients demonstrate their satisfaction and appreciation by becoming engaged partners in their oral health care and act as advocates in the community by eagerly referring their family, friends, and fellow workers.

Dentistry does not have to be Painful, Expensive, Elective.  

First, Dentistry does not have to be Painful.  Unfortunately, your teeth and gums usually don’t hurt until it’s too late for simple repairs.  The hurting problem is covered with decay, food, and filling and does not hurt.  When your dentist removes the necessary decay, food, and filling and you experience pain at the dental office, please raise your hand and tell the doctor.  Most of the time, your doctor can help relieve pain even for root canals!  Your highly trained dentist usually gives you the standard pain relief, but some patients require different techniques to relieve pain, so don’t suffer in pain and please talk to your dentist when you are in pain.

Second, Dentistry does not have to be Expensive.  Good dentistry is not cheap, but it does not mean that is has to be expensive.  The most inexpensive way to preserve your teeth is sound balanced nutrition, daily brushing and flossing, biannual dental x-rays, cleanings and check ups, fixing dental problems when they are simple.  The most expensive way to preserve your teeth is unbalanced diet high in carbohydrates and sugar, occasional brushing without flossing, avoiding dental x-rays, cleanings and check ups for years or until it hurts or swells, and trying to fix complex problems with simple, temporary, inexpensive patchwork or prescriptions that always fail and cost more later.  Your insurance only covers the simple things up to a very low annual maximum after you pay your share that can be 50% to 100% (see “Dental Insurance is not good for patients”).  Dentistry is a unique, constantly improving specialty which makes every highly researched and tested item limited and expensive for the dentist, but we can show you how dentistry is affordable and not too expensive.

For example, you can spread your needed treatment over time by correctly prioritizing treatment to fit your current health and budget.  Furthermore, you will be overjoyed with the way you look, eat, speak, and smile.  For short, we offer value you can't get elsewhere.

Third, Dentistry is not Elective.  You eat, speak, and smile every day.  When you have problems, you cannot enjoy each day.  Unfortunately, even if you eat a balanced diet, religiously brush and floss every day, and don’t feel any pain or swelling for years, problems will occur without regular 6-month exams, x-rays, cleanings.  Everyday you miss brushing difficult to reach spots which get harder, more difficult to remove, and cause decay and loose teeth with bleeding gums that don’t hurt.  When you elect not to see your dentist, you elect to have problems that require complex, painful, expensive solutions.

For good oral health, Dentistry does not have to be Painful, Expensive, Elective. 

Our Logo "Heart with Impossible Triangle" symbolizes that we love from the heart to take the time to provide affordable Tender, Loving Care (TLC) of our patient's simple and complex oral hearth needs, wants and desires to look good, feel good, and work good every time they smile, speak, or eat each day.                         We love from the heart to pracitce TLC because PDCHMYKUTKHMYC! (People Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care).

The triangle is the strongest geometric shape that can last the longest like the Egyptian pyramids.  Like life, there are always three equal ways to do things like the three sides of a triangle. On ourside, we take the time to build your care with our up-to-date expertise and skill.  On your side, with your proper nutrition, your daily brushing and flossing, we take the time to listen to your concerns and diagnose in depth your current condition with alternatives, benefits, complications, so you can make an informed decision about your oral health.   Together we develop the third side, long lasting final treatment plan that maintains the highest standards in dentistry that is also affordable and gives you the greatest value for your money by preventing problems while maximizing insurance benefits.  We know you do not want to waste your time, money, or health on temporary repairs that look bad, break easily, and cost more money and pain in the long run.

We take the time to care. We take the time to listen and address your concerns before, during, and after treatment. We take the time to provide a comprehensive clinical and radiographic exam including a review of medical history and oral cancer screening that may interfere or complicate your treatment.  Without x-rays, probings, and a comprehensive exam, no dentist can see all your problems until they are complex, painful, and expensive.  We take the time to discuss alternatives, benefits, and complications.  We take the time to update our skills and knowledge to provide a wide range of in-house dental services including cosmetic dentistry, zirconium crowns, implants, and invisible realignment of simple teeth position with clear trays.  Dr. Tom updates with 60 to 100 continuing education credits every year for the benefit of his patients.  We take the time to provide beautiful, natural looking restorations that are highly appreciated by all our patients including their families and friends.  We take the time to provide each patient with an affordable better smile, improved speech, and more efficient eating for a healthy, productive life style.

If this is the TLC dentistry you are looking for, please call us today at 702-736-6119 or e-mail at tlcdmd2@gmail.comWe look forward to caring for you. Our caring practice is conveniently located at 4318 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV  89119, 1 block south of Flamingo.