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Mr. Aloha Spirit himself, Dr. Franson K.S. Tom looking dapper at the office Holiday party!  Dr. Tom is a rare combination of a caring and compassionate educator, clinician, and businessman with an easy going "Aloha Spirit" who is dedicated to your affordable, long lasting oral health.   Dr. Tom has a long history of outstanding academic, professional, and community achievements with many personal experiences that demonstrate his commitment to people and caring displayed in the reception area and office.

Dr. Tom is a 1977 DMD graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine where he earned the Outstanding Clinical Science Award selected by the faculty.  Dr. Tom has a BS and MS in Education from Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts, respectively.  He taught at a Title 1 elementary school before switching careers to dental school and private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii where he owned and operated four dental clinics, a dental lab, and affordable dental plan for working people.  Later, he returned to teaching Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific College, and Life & Health Insurance Licensing at Mike Russ Schools before going to Boston, Massachusetts to become Advance Dental Rotation Course Director at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Assistant Professor/Mentor at Boston University School of Dental Medicine.  In Boston, Dr. Tom taught Cosmetic Dentistry, Practice Management, Northeast Regional Board Exam Preparation, Nitrous Sedation, and made 11 ADA Table Clinic presentations nationwide.  Dr. Tom was president of the Greater Boston Dental Association and Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve.  Currently, Dr. Tom is a delegate and Chair of the Southern Nevada Dentist Health and Wellness Committee.  He also mentors students at UNLV School of Dental Medicine through the Southern Nevada Dental Society and has over 500 young professionals on his Facebook page.  Dr. Tom studies 60-100 continuing education credits each year for the benefit of his patients.

If you want to be overjoyed every time you smile, eat, or speak, be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Tom.  His before and after photos of your teeth will amaze you.  His TLC practice philosophy is proven every visit by Dr. Tom and his entire staff because "We take the time to care" about your oral health.  Dr. Tom's hobbies include 30 marathons, origami with $1 bills, balloon sculptures, and caring for the dental needs of underprivileged children in Southern Nevada.   Contact our office today for an appointment to experience TLC yourself.  Dr. Tom is an established, experienced, “Fee For Service”, cosmetic dentist who is a provider for a few selected dental insurers.

                           ***  Front Desk Assistants ***

Jean Tom: I am your friendly front desk receptionist.  I love working on the computer to schedule our patients, and work on their chosen treatment plans with affordable financial arrangements.  I also answer the phone right away with a smile and quickly address your concerns when I can or refer you to the right person right away.  I have worked and trained at several offices, but enjoy the friendly, supportive staff and doctors here.

Dr. Tom’s Note:  Jean is our resident computer whiz who translates the long discussions each patient has with their doctor to determine each patient’s oral health choices with precise codes and how to make it affordable for all our patients during a difficult economic recession.  She sometimes has to figure out up to three options plus re-explain the alternative, benefits and consequences of each treatment and non-treatment before she is able to print out the patient’s choices and detailed explanation with the precise procedure codes of the evil Third Party Profiteers that is an affordable financial arrangement for good oral health while answering the phone.  Jean is our “Great Communicator Award” winner.                

                                       *** Dental Assistants ***

Cindy Meyer: I’m a dental assistant and front desk receptionist working at this office for 9 years.  I have been in the field for 14 years.  For my free time I love going to the lake taking out my seedoo and hanging with my friends on their boats.  I love working in this office.  The girls here are great and easy to get along with.  The doctors do fabulous work.  We all work well together and the patients appreciate the friendly care.

Dr. Tom’s Note:  Cindy is our family, friends, and fellow employee finder who enjoys talking with our current and future patients.  Cindy has also studied her profession so intensely the last 2 years that she will soon earn her certification as a Registered Dental Assistant.  It is so challenging that only a few in Las Vegas have earned this difficult academic and clinical challenge.  Our practice believes in continuing education for the benefit of our patients, so Cindy is our friendly “Rhodes Scholar Award” winner.  Feel free to talk with her on many subjects.                           

                                           *** Hygienists ***

Dr. Tom’s Note:  Our hygienists must maintain the highest standard of quality care in this profession.  Both hygienists were hired because after years of building their hygiene and people skills, they were looking for a practice that demanded and respected a high standard of quality.  They both discovered and support our practice philosophy to surpass our patient’s oral health needs, wants, and desires gently.  It is the hygienist’s responsibility to gather the appropriate information for the doctor to make the proper diagnosis and treatment plan that you expect and value to look good, work well, and last a long time without preventable and untimely complications.  Our hygienists have a detailed oral observation worksheet that they were trained and licensed to complete.  They would be happy to show you, not for your edification, but to demonstrate that we are serious about your oral health.  Many patients tell us they have never seen such a detailed worksheet, but it is not to compete with other offices.  It is to show we compete with ourselves to provide the quality you expect, value, and deserve.

The number one patient complaint is that our hygienists are too gentle with their cleanings.  During Dr. Tom’s exams, he finds their work to be thorough, and complete, but kind to the healthy teeth and gums.  Dr. Tom also appreciates the hygienists pointing out our patients concerns and observing other areas of concern that the patients may have not noticed or forgotten to mention.  Our patients also appreciate our hygienists complimenting patient oral health efforts and improvements while pointing out solutions for areas that may need improvement without scolding or embarrassing them.  Together they share the “Kinder and Gentler Award” for our office. 
Dr. Tom takes a long time to do your work.  Dr. Tom is a perfectionist.  He will not stop until it is perfect.  That is what his patients want, expect, value, and pay for.  Patients want oral health to look good, work well, and last a long time without preventable, untimely complications.  For example, Dr. Tom reproduces your tooth’s natural anatomy and polishes everything.  It not only looks good and almost invisible, it functions more efficiently and is easier to keep clean with no defects, so it lasts years longer.  No two teeth are the same, but Dr. Tom does not compromise quality for speed or profit.  He has a reasonable fee, but will do what is necessary and take as long as it needs to do it perfectly.  When people do not have the time to do it right the first time, there is always time to redo it correctly the second time at a higher additional price.  However, your time and schedule is important to us.  If you have something urgent that needs to be attended to right away, please talk to Dr. Tom or any staff member.

                                  Dr. Tom & Princess Kini

       Ho`omana`o Mau Aloha 

    (Lasting Remembrance of Love)

A Story of Love For My Kuuipo, Princess Kini (Jianpin “Jean” He) marriage to Xin (Dr. Franson Tom)

by Franson David Kwock Sun Paalani Kawika Xin Tom

In 1863, the first piece of Hawaiian Jewelry was a bracelet worn by High Chiefess Lili’u, who later became Queen Liliuokalani. The Victorian style of Hawaiian jewelry was actually an English tradition for many centuries, but impressed Lili’u when she visited Queen Victoria.  It became in vogue in Hawaii after the death of Prince Albert in England. Queen Victoria was so saddened by Prince Albert’s passing, she wore mourning clothing and the black enameled gold jewelry till the day she died. 

When news of Prince Albert’s death reached Hawaii, Lili’u also wanted to show her own sense of remembrance while strengthening the Hawaiian tradition of ohana (family). She had two bracelets made in 1863.  One was engraved with “Hoomanao Mau” which means “Lasting Remembrance”, the other “Palapala” which is the written form of her Hawaiian language. These bracelets forever captured Lili’u’s spirit of Aloha she had for her Hawaiian culture, language, and ohana. For each individual who owns one, it is a lasting remembrance of a certain loved one or event in his or her life that they want to hold dear to their hearts.

At the same time in 1863, young, beautiful Princess Kini was bathing at a series of lovely waterfalls and tranquil pools feed by Pipiwai Stream.  It is now part of Haleakala National Park in distant O’heo Gulch of Hana, Maui.  It was reserved only for her royal family and was called the Seven Sacred Pools.  This Kipahulu area is located in a remote 64-mile adventure along the cliff edges of Hana Highway exploring the wild and rugged shoreline, waterfalls and rainforest of the Hana Coast which is difficult to navigate even today.

A tall, good looking, young, innocent Hawaiian warrior, Xin (heart) was assigned to guard and protect the naked Princess Kini as she bath.  However, he was so overwhelmed by her natural beauty and Aloha spirit that the two virgins made passionate love.  An angry King discovered the lovers and according to kapu (sacred taboo) had to put Xin to death immediately.  

Princess Kini was so sad, she became a priestess who built a little hut at the young warrior’s guard station at base of the Seven Sacred Falls near the ocean to live out the rest of her life alone thinking about her Xin and longing for his return.  Every sunset, she prayed, “Me ke aloha pau ole a hui hou Xin” (With everlasting love and affection until we meet again Xin).  It’s truly a lasting remembrance of love that became legend in Hawaiian folklore.

One hundred and forty-five years later, the reincarnation of Princess Kini met her long lost lover, the reincarnation Xin in Las Vegas, Nevada at a Valentines Day party in a sacred place of worship.  They had both lived other lives, but with the blessing of a power much greater than themselves, they instantly recognized the spirit of Aloha of long, lost kuuipos (lovers).  To celebrate their new ohana, Xin gave Princess Kini a “Hoomanao Mau” (Lasting Remembrance) bracelet and later a Plumeria kuuipo (friendship) ring.

Ohana is loosely translated to mean “family” and is the foundation of Hawaiian culture.  Ohana encompasses those born with blood ties, those accepted by marriage, or hanai (adopted), deceased and spiritual ancestors, as well as those tied to the same ‘aina (land area).  Each contributes to the welfare of the family.  The ohana is the central force that provides for the economic, social, and educational needs of all of its members.  To forget one’s ohana is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.  The goodness of the father reaches higher than a mountain; that of the mother goes deeper than the ocean.

Tao Te Ching observed, “In dwelling, live close to the ground.  In thinking, keep to the simple.  In conflict, be fair and generous.  In governing, don’t try to control.  In work, do what you enjoy.  In family life, be completely present.”  This is why Hawaiians say, “Ka hana a ka makua, o ka hana no ia a keiki” which means “What parents do, children will do” and “Ike aku, ike mai, kokua aku kokua mai; pela iho la ka nohona ohana” which means “Recognize and be recognized, help and be helped; such is family life.”

The reincarnations of Princess Kini and Xin have decided to become one ohana based on this translation and have chosen to invite their loving ohana and closest friends to share their lasting remembrance of love.  Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) for being a part of our lives.  This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.  May you also have many lasting remembrances of love.

                          Hawaiian Wedding Song “Ke Kali Nei Au”

                                         Charles E. King


                          This is the moment I’ve waited for.
                               I can hear my heart singing.  
                                 Soon bells will be ringing.  

                            This is moment of sweet Aloha. 
                           I will love you longer than forever. 
                        Promise me that you will leave me never. 

           Ua sila, paa ia me oe              Sealed forever to you
        Ko aloha makamea e ipo       Sweetheart you are so precious
         Kau ia e kei ae nei la              I pledge my love to you alone

                    Here and now dear, all my love I vow dear. 
                      Promise me that you will leave me never. 
                          I will love you longer than forever.  

                  Now that we are one, clouds won’t hide the sun. 
                 Blue skies of Hawaii smile on this our wedding day. 
                 I do (I do).  Love you (Love you) with all my heart.