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Our mission and professional obligation is to confidentially, fairly, truthfully, and competently provide evidenced based choices promoting the greatest, timely oral health benefit according to the patient’s needs, desires, and abilities within the bounds of accepted treatment while protecting them from harm by keeping knowledge and skills current, knowing one’s own limitations, referring to specialists or other professionals as needed, and appropriately delegating care to auxiliaries all delivered responsibly and prudently despite third party limitations governing the provision of care to a group of patients.  We want to provide our patient’s the best possible oral health care with their consent that is the most affordable, long lasting, pain-free, contemporary, minimally invasive, individualized, comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatment throughout their life time that is desired in form, function, and aesthetics over time based on shared patient-doctor relationships, contributions, TLC values, and preferences as equal partners for a wide variety of informed, reflective patients in our community.  Though dentistry is not an exact science that is subject to change as clinical treatment proceeds, we strive to maximize safety, effectiveness, long-term value and comfort; and minimize risks of harm.  This can best be achieved by the patient’s learning the importance of good oral health which affects their overall health, efficient home care fundamentals; proper diet and nutrition guidelines; necessity of routine cleanings with clinical and radiographic examinations; assistance to navigate the system i.e. third parties to obtain oral health care; and opportunity to ask questions and actively listen until they understand and are satisfied with their choice of oral health care and affordable comprehensive treatment plan.  We believe in PDCHMYKUTKHMYC TLC values that are based on building Trust, being Likable, and showing we Care by providing informed consent choices, outcomes, prognosis of treatment and non-treatment; and by operating efficient management systems and proper financial controls to reduce patient costs while maximizing their benefits that achieves an affordable comprehensive treatment for their hard earned and limited finances.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Please feel free to share your concerns.  We care at Franson KS Tom, DMD, PC, 4318 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89119-6016, 702-736-6119, tlcdmd@gmail.com.  


                                    Dr.Tom's Dental Ethical Code

beyond integrity, autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, and veracity

modified from The Orange Code – A 12-Point Constitution by Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO ING Direct

1.         We will be new here.
Every day is a new beginning, a new set of challenges, a new chance to reinvent ourselves.  What strengths do we bring to the patient before a crisis?  We offer true value, unique artistic skills, time to care.

2.         We will follow our mission to help people take care of their oral health.
Money may be the fruit of work, but saving oral health is fundamental to freedom of lifestyle every time our patients smile, speak or eat.  We take care of our patients and the rewards will come.

3.         We will be fair.
Everyone will be treated equally.  If two parties cannot work it out, we will actively listen to both sides before agreeing on what is fair.

4.         We will constantly learn.
Every experience we will have will make us wiser and better at what we do.  We love what we do.

5.         We will change, adapt, dwell only in the present and in the future in Quality Circles.
We are nourished by thinking about what can be done.  If we are free, we are free to happily help 1+1=3.

6.         We will listen; we will invent; we will simplify; we will connect with Quangxi.
Our customers can make us better if we let them.  But we must first understand them with good F.O.R.M.  Discuss Family, Occupation, Recreation before Message about oral health.  PDCHMYKUTKHMYC!

7.         We will never stop asking why or why not.
Nothing can be sacred here except for our patient-centered practice philosophy.

8.         We will create an affordable healthy lifestyle for our patients and ourselves by creating value.
Profit is proof that we are fulfilling our patient-centered practice philosophy.  We’re not the highest or the lowest. We offer good value and nothing less.  We practice what we preach with the highest quality and concern for our patients. When the going gets tough, the tough provide more customer service our patients value.  Our patients look, feel, eat, speak, and smile better.  Patient's say, "We change lives with a smile."

9.         We will tell the truth.  We are not perfect, but we strive for perfection.
We can’t succeed without the trust of our customers and treating them like family.  Build T.L.C. – Trust, Likeability, Caring.  Required Patient I.Q. is EDITOR & TLC Plan of ACTION.  We strive for the ideal and devote the necessary time for your best possible oral health.

10.       We will be for everyone.
To be our customer, people need only to be equal partners responsible for their oral health.  We understand everyone has many concerns, but we both want good oral health.  We have a professional obligation to provide good oral health that is affordable, long lasting, and valued.  Our customers have an obligation to pay for their oral health choices, so we can continue to provide quality oral health choices to our customers.

11.       We will create, not destroy.  We are pioneers, not conquerors.
We have competitors, not enemies, but we compete with ourselves to offer people a quality choice and create an opportunity for good oral health based on the highest, most up-to-date quality standards of education, training, and experience.  We never cut or compromise quality to match competitors dental fees and freebies in high paced production practices.

12.       We will never be finished with our “Aloha Spirit” 10KU.
We will constantly improve for the benefit of our patients.  ICAN Kaizan!  We take the time to care without cutting quality.  TEDAIIWYL or TEDAIIWTL!

Dentistry is the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment (nonsurgical, surgical or related procedures) of diseases, disorders, and/or conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and/or the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body; provided by a dentist and supervised staff, within the scope of their education, training, and experience, in accordance with the ethics of the profession and applicable law”  (1997 ADA House of Delegates).  Our patient’s oral health is dependent upon the dentist’s practice philosophy that the patient and office buys into and supports as one constantly improving team focused on a strong patient-doctor relationship.