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Healty Smile = Healthy Body

Good oral health is the foundation of your lifestyle and very valuable.  Oral health is not only looking good in the public for your family, friends, or job, but also for eating efficiently and speaking clearly without discomfort each day.  We strive to make you a beautiful smile because with beauty, your teeth work better and are easier to keep clean.  In fact, your teeth are the first step to better digestion and nutrition.  If you cannot chew properly, chunks of food swallowed overwork your stomach and the rest of your digestive tract to break it down.  Also, less nutrition is properly absorbed.  When you speak, every letter "f" and "s" is formed with your teeth.  Preventive maintenance, like routine teeth cleaning and repairing damaged, decayed areas when they are small, prevents future, expensive problems from suddenly occurring at inconvenient times, especially now.  Basic prevention is your best value.

We must also consider the overwhelming evidence which now links periodontal, or gum, disease to such health threats as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, as well as low birth weight, premature babies.  Routine preventive care is also the best and easiest way to maintain the health of your gums and supporting bone.  These are the foundation for a healthy, beautiful smile.

We are also pleased to be able to provide oral cancer screenings for our patients featuring Vizilite Plus.  This simple, painless screening allows us to detect oral cancers at their earliest stages, making treatment more than 90%successful.

Your mouth and teeth are marvelously durable structures that experience very little pain or swelling until severely damaged.  However, this also means if you wait for pain or swelling or bleeding or something to break, severe damage has already occurred and much more complex and expensive procedures are required to get you back to looking, eating, and/or speaking normal again.  Health is something you don't appreciate until it is a problem.  Before that happens, please think about what value do you put into looking, eating and/or speaking without discomfort?  Your dentist is trained to recognize the need for basic preventive maintenance with routine cleanings, clinical exams with necessary x-rays.  That is a great value for your oral health.