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If you have insurance, we will work with you to maximize your insurance where you have been losing money every year.  We know insurance covers very little and only makes profit for your insurance company, but you probably are not even getting done the little that is covered e.g. routine cleanings and x-rays.  Between you and your employer, you already paid about $600 in premiums each year.  Nationwide, 73% of us don't use our insurance and only 5% maximize their annual benefit.  This means all premium payers only received about $250 benefit each year and the third parties took their $350/year/premium profit to lay off workers, pay CEO's multi-million dollar bonuses, and build 100-story buildings around the world  (see DENTAL INSURANCE IS NOT GOOD FOR PATIENTS and www.medscape.com/viewarticle/588861).  If you are not coming in for the few things that are covered by your insurance, you are not getting the value for your $600 premiums you already paid for and fought for by your employer.  If you think you will be laid off or lose your job soon, then now is the time to maximize your benefits, look good and stay healthy for your next endeavor.

Patient Financial Policy: Fee For Service (FFS) patient pays for appropriate treatment, materials, staff, and time for ideal, quality service that keeps fees reasonable by reducing collection overhead.

1.      FFS always keep the needs of our patients as our number one priority.

2.      FFS practices affordable preventive maintenance.  It is much less  expensive to complete a comprehensive treatment plan and stabilize any active damage and decay now before it gets worse and costs more.  We prioritize the most serious problems first.  Once stabilized, we will do the rest one thing at a time, spread over time to make it affordable.

3.      FFS shares concern for the Great Recession in Las Vegas.  We did not raise our fees for almost 2 years and only recently changed our fees 1-2% to cover overhead increases.

4.      FFS maximizes insurance whether they are providers or non-providers. As providers, we complete forms same day, assist to maximize benefits, and wait 30-90 days for payment.  We appreciate and request insurance patients pay their co-payments at the time of service or preparation.  If non-provider, we still complete forms same day, assist to maximize benefits, but patient pays for treatment, and covered insurance paid directly to patient.  Insurance companies require us to bill balances even less than $1.00.

5.      FFS requests 48 hours (2 working days) notice to accommodate others waiting for available appointments and allows us to stay in business.  Your time is as valuable as ours.  We take the time to care.

6.      FFS allows us to reward long-term patients periodically with specials and professional courtesy that insurance companies do not allow.

7.      FFS allows friendly payment options:

        Option 1: Cash payment in full at time of service
100% Payment of  treatment $300+ cash or check at time of service i. e. lab preparation receives a 10% discount.  Credit Cards payment receives a 7% discount because credit card company charges us 3+%.

        Option 2: CareCredit charged at time of service allows affordable monthly payments, qualify over phone, no up front costs or prepayment penalties.  No Interest payment plan if paid in full within 6, 12, 18 or 24 months on purchases. We will help you, but see carecredit.com for details.

         Option 3: Large Cases i.e. lab: 50% at preparation, 50% at delivery, but no discount.  For discount: 25% non-refundable deposit prepay before appointment, 75% at preparation.

         Option 4: DMD Dental Plan
Each calendar year, prepay $300 non-refundable deposit for 20% discounted UCR fees.  If come for preventive maintenance two times within calendar year, $300 goes toward periodic exam, necessary x-rays, and cleaning at discounted fee.  End of year report will show how much you saved i.e. 20% off UCR fees often greater than $300 pre-payment deposit.  All treatment must be paid in full at time of service.  No other discounts or payment options apply.

           Option 5: If employed with valid Visa/MC on file, we will charge one third each month for 3 months, but this does not qualify for any other discounts.

We take the time to educate the patients and answer their questions about their oral health needs and treatment.  We take the time perform each procedure to the highest quality.  We take the time to make your oral health affordable over time while preventing expensive complications.  We make the time to discuss any dissatisfaction and come to a mutually fair compromise.  We are not perfect, but our highest priority is to always do what's best for your oral health first.