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10 Life Lessons Not Taught In Dental School:

Life Lesson #1  Promises are expected practices: Maintain the respect past graduates built for you with TLC Patient doctor relationship i.e. a marriage of different, 50/50, trials, beast, and honeymoon fantasy.

Life Lesson #2  Life is not fair – get used to it: Leadershit entitles you to a pile of shit that you change.

Life Lesson #3 You are not a martyr:  Faultfinders love the special who don’t love.

Life Lesson #4 Never assume:  You have a degree and license to learn, not earn.

Life Lesson #5 Stereotype ain’t pretty: Seriously choose denial or higher standard of giving, forgiving, thanksgiving.

Life Lesson #6 Shit happens: Crisis is danger of stinking thinking excuses or opportunity for passionate resourcefulness.

Life Lesson #7 Expertise takes 10,000 hours of “silly requirements” at $86,400/day to change lives with a smile without exception all did it without wasting energy on the unimportant or compromising integrity and even helped others complete silly and fantasy requirements for your own benefit.

Life Lesson #8 You get what you deserve.  Life has consequences with mistakes, a “Wow!”, and number of breaths you take away, not take.

Life Lesson #9 Life not divided into semesters interrupted with party time, but your last time miracle.

Life Lesson #10 You create your own reality together in a wonderful profession helping others in a mirror.