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ADA Vision Statement

The American Dental Association: The oral health authority committed to the public and the profession.

ADA Mission Statement

The ADA is the professional association of dentists committed to the public’s oral health, ethics, science and professional advancement; leading a unified profession through initiatives in advocacy, education, research, and development of standards.

ADA Goals 2011-2014

1. Provide support to dentists so they may succeed and excel throughout their careers.

2. Be the trusted resource for oral health information that will help people be good stewards of their own oral health.

3. Improve public health outcomes through a strong collaborative profession, and through effective collaboration across the spectrum of our external stakeholders.

4. Ensure that the ADA is a financially stable organization that provides appropriate resources to enable operational and strategic initiatives.

DMD Dental Savings Plan

Based on ADA Vision, Mission, and Goals, I believe it is time that our profession to offer the public an affordable DMD Savings Dental Plan based on our education and training that is focused on a joint patient-doctor relationship of sound, basic, evidence-based oral health choices people need, want, and desire for a productive lifestyle of form, function, and aesthetics.  The average general practice already have the staff, organization, equipment, and facility to provide a 20% UCR Fee discount in exchange for a annual $600 prepayment which goes 100% toward that patient ‘s annual services and appointments without third party profiteers complicating, interfering, limiting, delaying, denying, or middle man profiteering from patient treatment choices made by informed consent with their dentist.

An affordable DMD Dental Savings Plan is far healthier than dental insurance.  The #1 misinformation about dental insurance is that patients believe it covers everything needed for good oral health while it does not cover hardly anything for good oral health.  In fact, all patients end up paying out of pocket usually much more than the insurance covers, and all third party decisions are based on making third party profits. 

People with good oral health look good, function well, digest food more efficiently, and are attributed positive personality traits i.e. friendliness, social class, popularity, and intelligence with a smile.  In adolescents, it also reduces teasing and bullying.  In fact, orthodontic braces generally increase demand, acceptability, and perceptions i.e. attractiveness.  Younger children like colored ties and shapes and more visible appliances while older children and adults appreciate invisible aligners. 

An affordable DMD Dental Savings Plan providing good oral health is easier, and cheaper to maintain by an informed, dental conscious patient.  Healthy patients are responsible for maintaining their own good oral health by: (1) sound, balanced nutrition with low sugar; (2) daily brushing and flossing i.e. sonic toothbrushes that do not cause toothbrush abrasion and recession; (3) biannual x-rays, cleanings, and check-ups especially for patients with active gum problems, poor oral habits, and recent, chronic restorations and problems that can be switched to annual once they are in good oral health; and (4) fixing problems when they are simple or at least stopping active problems from becoming complex i.e. gum surgery, root canals or extractions so the patient can save some money for the more permanent solution i.e. crowns, dentures, or implants later.  Health patients also have disposable income to do cosmetic dentistry rather than preventable, painful, expensive, complex work.  Patients who wait for pain or swelling guarantee chronic pain, swelling, high expense, and potentially life-threatening consequences at the most inconvenient times.

An affordable DMD Dental Savings Plan is simple.  Each year, patients prepay their dentist of choice a $600 annual fee for a 20% discount of that practices published annual UCR Fee Schedule plus $600 of EBD periodic preventive services at the discounted fee during at least 2 periodic appointments e.g. necessary x-rays, comprehensive examination, probing, indexes (plaque/calculus/stain, bleeding, bone loss), oral cancer screening, and appropriate oral hygiene instruction before 2 annual cleanings and any informed consent services with alternatives, benefits, and consequences of treatment and/or non-treatment necessary to monitor and maintain the patient’s choices and responsibility for their own oral health in partnership with their dentist.

In other words, your DMD Dental Savings Plan prepays $600 annually for $600 of necessary treatment and any other services at a 20% discount.  A normal first visit to a dentist for exam, x-rays, and cleaning is about $300.  A simple filling would average $200 and 75% of adults have gums problems that average $250.  The first 6-month recare check-up is about $230.  When you add in the 20% discount, $600 just about covers what you need to maintain good oral health and prevent $1000’s of usually painful, expensive, but essential work for good oral health.  Good oral health means you can enjoy all your teeth and all the benefits of all your teeth all your life without chronic pain, swelling, and potentially life-threatening consequences.

If the patient chooses not to maintain at least 2 periodic appointments that year, they have chosen to not maintain good oral health and forfeit their $600 annual fee or any balance.  The dentist set aside multiple appointment times and should be compensated for the loss in production so they can maintain this special dental savings plan for other patients.  At the end of the year, dissatisfied patients may switch to any other dentist of their choice, but a one-year commitment is necessary to benefit both the patient and doctor.  Third Party Profiteers also require a one-year commitment for their premium without any guarantees.

There is more than enough money in our oral health care system to provide affordable, sound, oral health care.  Currently, third party profiteers collect $600 in annual premiums and only average $250 benefits with less than 5% ever obtaining the $1000 annual maximum after much complicating, interfering, limiting, delaying, denying paperwork over the last 50 years while profiting $350/premium.  Third Party Profiteers profit the most from the 50% of employees who do not see a dentist.  The DMD Dental Savings Plan $600 prepayment guarantees $600 in oral health choices with a 20% discount of all services provided by their chosen dentist without such unnecessary paperwork.  The staff assigned to third party paperwork can be reassigned to more customer service and improved oral health and satisfaction. 

Employers will not pay any Third Party Profiteers profit for the 50% of employees who do not see a dentist and thus could save $350/employee each year.  The DMD Dental Savings Plan becomes instantly affordable for 58% less than the employer is currently paying.  Employees have a $600 annual incentive to see a dentist and maintain good oral health.  Good oral health means less frequent, shorter, less pain, less expensive appointments and happier, better looking, better functioning, and overall healthier employees on the job with less missing work days and more spending money not wasted on preventable oral health problems.  Patients also immediately decide oral health choices without complicated paperwork, without prior authorization or approval, without exceeding limits, without denied coverage, without delays, and without contributing to third party profits.

A simple $600 photo debit card for each employee only good at licensed dental practices and a financial statement of services provided will show the $600 benefit plus 20% discount savings to the patient and employer.   For individuals after the first year, a verified credit card could automatically prepay $50/month for one year.  This patient-doctor partnership with employers and individuals will finally encourage Third Party Profiteers to compete with more oral health focus and deny their 58% profit.

To maintain a fiscally sound practice with less income due to this 20% UCR fee discount on all services rendered, the patient must pay for all services each appointment and no other discounts, promotions, or fee schedules are allowed.  Services not normally performed by the general dentist i.e. procedures that require specialists or additional training beyond a general dentist is not included.

Patients with dental insurance can save even more.  See our friendly, caring staff for details.

Concierge Service

The first 100 DMD Dental Savings Plan patients that prepay $600 each year are eligible for our special Concierge Service, which includes priority for our most popular 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM appointments and exclusive reservation for a Friday or Saturday appointment scheduled one day each month for cosmetic treatment over $1000.  Dr. Tom will also provide 24-hour/7-days a week emergency consultation by phone as long as his cell phone is within range of reception which rarely does not pick up.  Other coverage will be provided within 24 hours if Dr. Tom is not available.